From Brunette to Blonde….!

From Brunette to Blonde….!
Let’s face it, everyone who has ever been born with brown hair wants to go blonde (at least at some point in their life!) Even if you’ve never done it, we know you’ve wondered about it! And if you have done it, then it’s because you finally gave in to the desire to turn your chestnut locks to blonde ones! Maybe you did it to find out if blondes really do have more fun?! (They don’t, it’s a myth! Happiness comes from within!)
However, going blonde isn’t just about throwing a tonne of bleach in your hair. Chances are if you’ve gone blonde, and gone for a quick fix, it didn’t go well. Or you didn’t like the end result. Or it trashed your hair!
The best way to go blonde is… slowly, slowly.
The more time you give your hair to recover between blonding sessions, the healthier it will be and the glossier and shiner the end result.
That means treatments! Specifically with OLAPLEX which is a bond strengthening treatment. It stops the hair from becoming brittle and strengthens the bonds in the hair. Here in hairdresser land we see it as the magic hair serum!
When you radically alter the colour of your hair, strip it, lighten it, perm or bleach it, your hair is damaged in the process. Going slowly and making sure you have conditioning and hydrating treatments between balayaging sessions means your blonde hair will look healthy and natural.
But what we really want to show you, is how great you can look during the colouring process. Even though it’s a slow process, you can still look amazing every step of the way!
This is Laura, one of our Senior Stylist, has been looking for a change and we figured who better than one of our own to show how to do a great blonding process on!
Laura, naturally a brunette had a grape/red colour in her hair at the time of starting our Brunette to Blonde process.

Step 1

First we had to take the grape/red tones out of Laura’s hair.

This required bringing her hair back to a lighter brown so we could use it as the base for the balayage process.



 Step 2

After washing out Laura’s hair and blow drying it, we can now see the base colour that we’re going to work with. A lovely light to medium brown base, and no more grape/red to interfere with the lighening process. Now that Laura’s a light brown we can get to work on doing the fun stuff!



Step 3
Blayage is a free style technique where our stylist takes pieces of hair and hand paints each piece. Unlike traditional foils which is a structured process, balayage gives a natural look to the hair. It also means there are lighter and darker pieces in the hair giving texture and interest.
Step 4
After we’d washed Laura’s hair and given her an OLAPLEX treatment this is the fantastic colour she’s come out with! A beautiful honey blonde with warmer brown pieces and some lighter beige and caramel pieces.
Final Product!
On trend, and looking awesome!
Love fresh hair!
This is exactly the sort of gorgeous finish you want to achieve, especially in a staged lightening process. Laura’s hair looks hot! And Laura loves it!
We can’t wait to show you  the next stage in Laura’s Brunette to Blonde journey!

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