Autumn Issue

Autumn Issue
Wow! Autumnal weather already! Which as you know means great new colours, new cuts and everything fabulous to go with the change of the season.
It’s been a huge start to the year for the One room salon. We’ve recently completed our renovations at the salon and we just totally love it! We can’t wait for you to come in and see it!
It’s also the start of wedding season and so we’re taking a look at the type of bridal options available for the perfect Autumnal Wedding. And as usual we’ll give you all the latest on women and men’s cuts and colours and what to expect to keep you on trend and looking your Autumnal best!
 Autumnal Brides

We just love this season! It’s the beginning of the bridal buzz and at One room we specialise in bridal hair and makeup. Nothing gets our fire alight more than designing a bespoke bridal look for your wedding.

This season it’s all about two very different types of brides. The boho bride, sexy, free, natural, easy and effortlessly beautiful. She’s one of natures nymphs, she has flowers in her hair, loose, long braides and soft, earthy makeup.

Then we have our old school, Hollywood glamour bride. She has soft, coiffured curls, she’s elegant, stunning and graceful. She’s like a diamond, glittering in the light and her hair is her crowning jewel.


boho brides
 We are totally in love with this easy, soft and extremely feminine look at the moment. Long flowing hair, loose braids, flowers. The boho bride is all about ease and grace and softness. It’s loose, it’s messy, it’s not trying to hard to be anything other than the beautiful woman she naturally is. Loose, side braids pulled together, with a soft amount of fringe falling into the face. Sections of braids knotted at the nape of the neck with loose, hanging hair behind. Single braids tied to the side, voluminous and full of easy, sassy, natural wood nymph wonder!
Hollywood Brides
The Hollywood bride is the quintessential, old world glamour. Long hair, soft waves, luxurious curls. This bridal haute couture  is both refined and elegant, reminiscent of a bygone era of understated glamour and style.
Product News

La Biosthetique Round Ceramic Brushes


La Biosthetique has developed a range of professional styling tools that blend innovative ceramic and ionic technology with ergonomic design for optimum results.

Available in six sizes, the brushes feature ceramic coated barrels for fast and even distribution of heat, while charged nylon bristles reduce static and seal the cuticle layer for glossy results and less exposure to heat damage.

What’s on Trend for Women’s Hair…
 Women’s Cuts
We’re seeing heavy fringes making a come back this season. There’s a definite 70’s vibe to it.  Arched fringes with softer side panels are also hot right now. Whether your hair is a chin-length bob or down past your shoulders, you’ll be seeing a square edge cut applied to it.  But you’ll notice the new trend is to have a graduation towards the end of the cut to soften it. We’re also seeing a framing of hair around the face, which adds a feminine, messy but sexy feel. Think that just out of bed, tousled look!
Blondes are having fun this season! We’re getting into the pastels! Everything from hints of pink and violet tones on platinum bases. Right through to an all out, all over pastel rinse over the entire head of hair! It’s flirty. It’s fun. It’s a bit of kid fun in our serious adult world!
We’re still seeing a nod to that faded out, lived in look. And keep thinking sun kissed and natural. Whilst bright colours are hot, so is natural.
But it’s the gauche look we are totally loving right now. It’s like Ombre but it’s three tones of colour. It’s darker at the roots, a medium colour at the mid-lenghts, graduating to lighter at the ends. We use a sponge to subtly blend the different tones of colour through the hair. the results are to dye for! (pun intended!)
  Brunettes are going a touch darker for Autumn. After our long, hot summer, with chlorine, salt water and faded hair, combined with this summer’s love of belayaging blonde highlights; it’s all about returning to a darker, healthier base. Brunettes are returning to  their roots! This season colours are dark, luscious, shiny, glossy and rich. The return to the chocolate and dark chocolate tones really hydrates and enriches the hair and gives it a warmth for the cooler months ahead.
What’s on Trend for Men’s Hair
Men’s Cuts
We’re looking at a thicker, longer hairstyle at the crown of the head. It’s a nod to a more sophisticated era. It’s a Cary Grant, old Hollywood feeling but with a modern, contemporary edge. We’re seeing some volume in the hair, letting it fall into natural, gentle waves. But it’s made edgy by the shorter cut on the sides. It’s a definitive tapered look to the side of the head which gives a distinctly stylised end result. We’re also seeing a move to the side part. It’s crisp, it says cutting edge. But the fullness of the hair on the top of he head, says old school gentleman. It’s just the perfect blend of dapper and edgy.
Boys’ grooming game is strong.
It’s structured, it’s clean, it’s sexy and masculine. But it’s not messy. The 1970’s, pool hall playing, listening to ACDC, bikers beard’s look has been upgraded. There are no more bushy beards. STAT.
We’ve seen a distinctive move away from the Rockabilly beard and the hipster homeless look.  Today’s man is all about effort and edginess. If he doesn’t make you swoon, if he’s not debonair and dashing, with that hint of edgy coolness, then he’s not the man for you!
Top 3 Makeup Must Haves
This Autumn we’re seeing a return to the lovely warm, natural looks that suit Australian women so well. Think light foundations, radiant skin, and shimmer! Blush has a shimmer or bronzing factor to it. Use it liberally to highlight areas of the face to bring about that natural glow.
Glamour Kit
Cream & Powder Shimmering Duo

La Biosthetique

We are totally falling over ourselves about this product! This shimmer powder comes in both gold and silver to highlight whichever look you’re donning. You can put it in your hair. Use it to highlight your cheekbones. Or apply the soft creamy shadow as eyeshadow. We just love it!
Contouring Powder
Bronzer, Luminiser & Blush
  La Biosthetique
Just because Summer is over doenst mean we can forget our bronzers girls! A healthy glow is imperative all year round. So don’t fall into that trap of thinking bronzing is only for the months when the  sun is beating down on us. We are loving this multi bronzer, luminiser and blush because it covers so many options. Use it to contour your face, highlight cheekbones, add a soft, healthy glow to your skin, and use it as a primer under and over your makeup. Or frankly, just a quick application for that fresh sun kissed look.
Teint Correcture
La Biosthetique
This long lasting concealer was developed to correct skin imperfections, broken veins, moles and red marks and can even make inflammations vanish! it’s perfect for giving you an even skin tone, reducing redness and cover all manner of sins! We love this!! Skin-compatible, durable and non-oily. Non-drying and kind to the most sensitive skin.
Up Styles
The low pony is making a come back. And we’re seeing a return to the low bun. It’s all about pulling the hair into the nape of the neck to highlight the delicate, feminine area of the throat and neck. For an extra element of detail and a touch of boho tapper a braid into the bun or take side pieces of hair, braid into the side of the head and then fold into a low bun at the back of the neck.
We look forward to seeing you soon at One room!
Please call to make an appointments to discuss any of the ideas you’ve seen here and let us work with you one on one to personalise your look. We’ll keep you en pointe and looking smok’n hot for Autumn!

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